BENCH MARKS PRINCIPLES > Principles for Global Corporate Responsibility

The Bench Marks is one of the most comprehensive sets of social and environmental criteria and business performance indicators available. The starting point of the Bench Marks is the recognition that society is made up of diverse interest groups, and that all life is interdependent, and to sustain the earth, we need to see the linkages between production, resources, environment and our eco-system, people and communities.

The Bench Marks was developed by a global network of faith-based partner organisations and is based on a body of internationally recognised human rights, labour and environmental standards and principles.

Corporations will find the indicators presented in the Bench Marks useful for developing and monitoring corporate codes of conduct, particularly when managing relations with stakeholder bodies. Civil society organisations, stakeholders and investors will find the indicators useful for assessing corporate conduct.

The Bench Marks Principles is a joint project of ECCR (UK), the Bench Marks Foundation (South Africa), ICCR (USA) and KAIROS (Canada).