The Principles for Global Corporate Responsibility: Bench Marks for Measuring Business Performance (Bench Marks) promotes positive corporate social responsibility consistent with the responsibility to sustain the human community and all creation. The Bench Marks calls for:

  • A new relationship between corporations, communities and ecosystems;
  • Support for a sustainable system of production and a more equitable system for the distribution of the economic benefits of production and environmental services;
  • Participation of stakeholders and those most affected by the activities of corporations in the decision-making processes of companies;
  • Preservation and protection of the environment for present and future generations.
  • Respect for the dignity of every person, for workers' right to organize a union and bargain collectively and for all core labour rights as defined by the ILO;
  • Strong codes of conduct for corporations and suppliers independently monitored by local non-governmental and community organisations;
  • Affirmation of indigenous peoples' right to full participation in the business decisions which pertain to their ancestral lands and their way of life;
  • Human rights policies based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  • Commitment to the principle of workers' right of access to health care, accessible and affordable medicines, including anti-retrovirals for the treatment of AIDS.
  • Corporate governance policies that balance the sometimes competing interests of managers, employees, shareholders and communities; and that are based on ethical values, including inclusivity, integrity, honesty, justice and transparency.
This document is offered to groups working on corporate social responsibility, to workers and to companies seeking to respond to the challenges of doing business in the global economy in a socially responsible manner. Our long-range goal is to transform the way corporations relate to people, communities and the environment. We invite people of all faiths and beliefs to engage in and contribute to the promotion of the principles articulated in the Bench Marks. We believe the broad involvement of a variety of individuals and institutions will deepen the values of corporate responsibility and accountability that will restore human dignity and the integrity of creation.